Friday, July 16, 2010

Mappy room

Growing up my brother had a map of the world next to his bed.  He knew all the countries and their locations at a very young age because of it.  When I was a kid we had a map of Lake Winnipesaukee on the wall across from the toilet and I tell you what, you need to know your way around that Lake, I'm your gal.   Not because I cared, but because I stared at it a couple times a day and it just seeped into my brain. 

When Chris and I travelled this summer, we decided to put a big US map up in Drew's room. (Thanks, Jay, for the gorgeous map!)  It's on the ceiling above her bed.  She loved it as she could track our travels.  Manteca to Atlanta to Boston to Salt Lake City to Fresno.  We marked everything with a pin so she could see where we were.  I figure by just looking at it everynight, she'll get to know the geography of the US in no time.

This is my dream room for the kids.  Some kids would totally dig it.  Like William, he'd love it.  Drew?  I'm not sure.  And Lauren is being groomed this way but who knows.  Anyway, isn't this awesome?  And it's just pretty in it's own way, don't you think?



  1. I have huge maps on Zack's walls with flags for all the family around the country. When they want to know where something is I tell them to go find it. Awesome.

    We have a giant map wall in one of the hallways at work and I frequently stop to just stare at it. I would love an entire map wall in my house.

    Are you surprised that we both love this? Nerds we are.

  2. Surely, Shirley! If you want anything specific, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!

    Getting to know your geography is important if for no other reason than to keep from looking like a complete dumb-ass. I work with a few people who don't know a thing about it and we're employed by map retailer! The worst was girl this who couldn't find Italy on a world map, didn't know where New Mexico was even though she'd grown up in Arizona, and who said to me one day "Before I worked here I didn't know this existed...", indicating everything east of North America. I shit you not.


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