Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few more favorite finds

These are a few of my NEW favorite things...

Genius!  Gosh, we've had more fun with these.  For my emergent readers, these are great. 

Magic Shell!  Remember?  The nutritional value is nil, in fact it probably kills brain cells but what a treat for the kids.  They'd never seen it before and I did a whole "Abra cadabra!" schtick as I poured it and I swear to God they think I'm magic.


This mini vertical fan sits on my nightstand.  Chris doesn't like the ceiling fan blowing on him all night and I don't like to be not cold when I sleep so this is my personal air conditioner at night.  I love it.

This isn't new but it's worth mentioning.  If you haven't tried it and you like smellies, you should.  I don't do lotion really, but I have the soap and the shower gel and the lotion for guests.  It's just nice and summery.  Mom wears the perfume and it's really nice.

Free balloons at the grocery store.  I take all three kids everywhere I go just about.  I don't have the luxury of waiting until Chris gets home because with his schedule that could be three days away.  We don't put anything on hold.  If it needs to be done, the kids and I do it.  Sooooo, big grocery shopping with all three kids isn't exactly my favorite activity but it's not a big whooptey.  I do have to have somewhat of a plan, though.  This shuts the kids up keeps the kids busy while I shop.  It's less calories and cheaper than a big ass cookie and it lasts the whole day long.  Even Lauren loves her balloon now and depending on whose day it is (Drew is even days, William is odd) depends on who gets to choose which color balloon Lauren gets. 

My kids wear rash guards whenever they swim.  They are SPF50 and they're awesome.  We buy all our swim stuff from Lands' End and they'll last a lifetime.  This means all that nasty rubbing sunscreen all over kids that then gets all over their carseats and your clothes, etc. doesn't ever happen.  I paint their face with a sunscreen stick and put on their rash guard over their suit and send them along their way.  No more sunburns!

What are some of your favorites?  C'mon!  Share!

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