Saturday, March 10, 2012

Play baaaaalllllll!

I grew up in a baseball family.  My mom, being from Sudbury, MA, breathes and bleeds Red Sox and always has.  In fact, as I write this she is in Ft. Myers, FL at the Red Sox spring training camp.  My brother knows every statistic about every player on every team - college or professional.  You think I'm kidding?  I'm not.  A few years ago he even won on the Fox Sports game show called Sports Geniuses.  My sport from age 5-18 was swimming and water polo.  On land I'm kind of inept but put me in the water and I'll kick your ass.  ALLTOSAY, sports was huge in my life growing up. 

William started baseball today, officially, and it makes me very happy.  I love the sound and the smell and the excitement of it all.  It's comfortable and nostalgic and it's put me in yet another new role - baseball mom.

He did very well today and more importantly his team did very well in playing together as a team.  Good attitudes and great effort was shown and for that I am very proud of William and his teammates.

Chris's business, LifeSaver CPR, is the proud sponsor of William's t-ball team and that was another source of pride out there on the field.  Seeing all the kids bearing our company's name was kinda neat.

A few pictures of our day, the beginning of a new spring/summer life for us...

Ready for Opening Ceremonies this morning

Warming up before the game

Go Angels!  My new Saturday uniform...

Drew and Lauren during William's game.  Lauren is a super fan, can you tell?

I've got the fevah.

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