Monday, March 19, 2012

Batshit flu crazy

OMG.  I'm going batshit flu crazy.  It's hit me and as of the last 2 hours it's hit Lauren.  There has been more Motrin and more stupid television in the last 7 days than is healthy for anyone.   

I hate when the kids are sick but I just think it's wrong when the mommy gets it.  We should have immunity from all things that keep us down.  After birthing a 9 pound baby with no drugs, I feel like I've served my time.  Not to mention 3 pregnancies alone.  Areyouwithme?  It's just not fair.  This bullshit flu can take a hike.  I've got laundry to hide and ignore, you know?

Poor baby girl who, even at age 3, needs her chewy when she's sick.

The scary part is that Chris is the only one who hasn't gotten it yet and in 4 days he is the best man in his brother's wedding.  Let's all say a collective voodoo prayer that it does not hit him.

See how cute they are?  They need Chris to be healthy on Friday night for their wedding!

By the way, I'm so grateful to our friends who are family who have offered to and have taken my kids to and from school and who are always looking out for me when Chris is at the firehouse.  I love you all.


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