Monday, March 12, 2012


Drew is a lot like I am in lots of different ways.  Some good, some bad.  One thing I'm noticing lately that we share is... and I hate to admit this ... but the whole being-ok-with-just-doing-an-ok-job-at-something thing.  It's a terrible quality, one I don't tolerate well in others but seem just fine tolerating in myself.

Her spelling tests at school are a good example.  She's a terrific reader, something I take zero credit for.  She went to such a phenomenal preschool and had the best kindergarten teachers ever and she just took off with reading very easily.  Because it's easy for her, she enjoys reading and therefore just gets better and better.  <--- I'm not bragging, I'm just setting the stage.  Thus far, spelling tests have been a cinch.  It's just the last few weeks that she actually has to study and review her words to spell them correctly at the end of the week on her test.  Without that time spent at home reviewing them she misses a handful.  Here's where the being-ok-with-being-ok comes in.  She's cool with that.  Chris and I are not.  

If she was doing her best we'd be fine with it.  She's not, though, and even she knows that.  Here's where the incentives come in.  I don't want to do food or treats, bedtime times are kind of set in stone for now, and I don't want it to be tied to money or material things like that.  So, what the hell do you bribe a 7 year old girl with? 

The new deal is this:  If she gets 100%, I will give her a manicure at home with a color of her choosing (from my collection).  Painting nails is something new in our house and she loves it.  Holding it as a special treat has made it a very important event and I really like that.

We went to see The Lorax today and I snapped this picture before it started.  Can you see who got 100% on her spelling test on Thursday? 

Good girl.

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