Friday, March 9, 2012

They don't belong to me. Swear.

I am mortified.

Our housecleaner is here today and after she'd been in my bedroom I went in to grab something. 

This is what I saw shackled to my bed.

They belong to William.  They came in an FBI kit he bought with his own money at the dollar store.  He was laying in my bed while I brushed my teeth this morning.  Apparently he put these there while playing.  The thing is, the housecleaner left them and even laid them out on the pillow after she'd made the bed up. 

I'm almost too mortified to look at her and even though she has been a part of our family now for nearly 4 years, I just can't bring myself to explain it. 

Given the quality of the plastic on those things I will assume that she will assume they belong to William.  I would.  Wouldn't you?  Wouldn't you?


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