Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's here. * Notice the . instead of the ! *

Today is the first official day of summer.  William ended school last week but Drew ended yesterday so now it's official official - they are home.  For 10 weeks. 

Most of my friends' facebook statuses are about how it's summer! and it's fabulous! and thank God it's finally here!  My enthusiasm is a little less.  I think, as my friend Jenne suggested, it's because my kids are on such a schedule and I kinda like to keep it that way.  The rushing around in the morning for both school drop-offs and then me hustling to where I need to be is kind of over and that is 25% nice, and 75% unsettling.  I like the routine, the predictability, the missing the kids while they are gone so I love them even more when we are together thing we have going during the school year.

We have lots planned this summer.  No big trips - we've taken those already this spring - but lots planned.  Swimming, gymnastics, math tutoring for Drew, soccer, a few weeks of day camps, etc.  I'm not worried about not being busy.  It's just that my kids are still in the fight-over-every-God-damned-thing stage that I'd like to have more of a consistent routine to keep them focused and... out of each other's business.

After bath tonight Drew put a sticker in Lauren's hair.  It hurt when Lauren pulled it out, naturally.  Then Drew did it again.  After the whole, "You're seven, that's mean, why are you doing that" bullshit talk, I took the book away from which she was getting the stickers.  Within 5 minutes Lauren came to me crying with another sticker in her hair.  Really?  Really? 

Welcome, summer.  So glad you are here and have brought so much togetherness to our family. 

I wanted to have her write, "I won't make such stupid choices and I will stop putting stickers in my sister's hair" but I didn't.  Next time.  And trust me.  There will likely be a next time. 

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  1. YAY! I had to take a second look when I saw my name:) My kids are doing that same damn thing. They fight over everything, and anything! It doesn't matter what it is, they are fighting over it! I hope this summer is so full of fun, you barely remember the fighting. HAHA ya right! Jenne


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