Monday, June 11, 2012

Today's blog, with no clever title

I just told the kids that tomorrow we're going to spend the day at the beach and William said, "Can I bring a rope so I can anchor one end in the water and another end on the beach and I can practice my Ninja Warrior skills?"  I said sure because telling him now that there is no way that will work and that he has to play instead with buckets and shovels just will disappoint him. 

If you haven't seen this television program and you have a boy in your house, you're depriving him of seeing some great athletic stunts.  I give it my stamp of approval.


Lauren was in the backyard blowing bubbles today and one bubble was so perfect and so big and lingered in front of her for so long.  She caught her upside down reflection in it and freaked.  "The bubble has a face!  It's staring at me!"  That was the end of bubbles for today.  



We are house hunting and man, is that time consuming.  It's actually become more mind consuming than anything else.  We are very particular and not in a hurry so it may be a while but I find myself saying, "Alright kids!  Get outta the pool!  We've got a house to go drive by!"  We have a realtor but with the internet I'm scouring every website and driving all over before I make the call that it's worth her time.  The person (people) paying the biggest price right now are the kids.  I am just considering it their summer activity at this point.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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