Friday, February 24, 2012

Fo' shizzle, bull pizzle

Holly, our 4-legged daughter, has been eating these fabulous treats.  They are the only ones she eats and doesn't bury.  I just gave her the last one so I looked to see exactly what they are so I can make a mental note and buy the same thing next time I'm out.  Flipping the bag over I see the ingredients are something it looks like Snoop Dogg made up.

I thought, "Wow, that's odd.  I've never heard of that before."  So I snuggled down onto the livingroom floor next to Holly, gnawing on her bull pizzle, and grabbed my laptop to google it.  I found this: Pizzles are almost exclusively used/produced today as chewing treats for dogs.  They are a fibrous muscle, and are prepared by cleaning, stretching, twisting and then drying.  The word is used today to signify the penis of an animal.

I didn't know what a pizzle was and I certainly had no idea that Holly was eating a dried bull penis every time I gave her one of those treats.  Good Lord. 

The bonus?  William now has a new word for his penis.  Terrific.

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