Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy dice game for a brain hungry kid and a lazy parent

William.  I have lots of thoughts I want to share about him and I want to ask YOU about any suggestions you may have but my time to post this blog blurb is limited.  I did want to share this, though.  My sweet, sweet boy is becoming like Holly (our dog).  He's beginning to dig and chew when bored.  You feel me?  While at the teacher store this morning looking for things for my blossoming learner (Lauren), I saw these dice.  I bought them and we played three rounds of this simple, simple game I made up after lunch today while Lauren napped.  It was just enough to feed his head for the moment.  He's currently watching Looney Tunes and will be done with that activity very soon and we'll have to do something else to feed his brain, again.  

The dice game, William has called it Sucker Dice because if you lose you are a sucker, is great because Drew and William can play it together with no help from MEEEEEE.

You can probably tell how it goes just by looking at our score card.  10 rolls each, take turns.  Write down (have your child write down) the answers to the math problem that you roll.  Keep a tally (have your child keep a running tally) and the person after 10 rolls with the most points wins!  See?  Keepin' it simple.  The math aspect of it is awesome, especially for someone William's age. 


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  1. I love this! I just made a math Jenga game that I love love love! You can make it however you'd like, but the idea is to put something on every side of the block. When you pull the block, you have to answer the questions. I did one addition, one subtraction, one multiplication, and one division fact on each block so that I can use the set with any of my elementary kids. You can also do sight words, states and capitals, etc. It's fun because they LOVE playing the game, and they get to practice all kinds of school things at the same time. I'll let you know what else I come up with!


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