Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's as creative as I'll ever be

I won't get all sappy or detaily about the fact that Drew is turning 7 tomorrow.  The little joyful infant girl who made me a mommy is now a toothless (again) young lady who is becoming a lot like me.  Good?  Bad?  Depends on whom you ask, I suppose.  ANYWAYZ...

Tomorrow I'm bringing snack to her class, a special birthday snack.  Only her fabulous school doesn't allow anything that's not healthy.  WHA?!  I can bake my head off but I can't bake anything that's healthy.  I just can't.  Or won't.

I had seen this on Pinterest and then my friend Melissa made these for her son's class and they were as cute as anything so I thought I'd make them, too. 

How's this for a special birthday healthy snack?

Goofy robot guys!

I hope the kids like them because I burned the skin off my left thumb FOUR different times, in FOUR different places with the hot glue gun.  For realz.

Oh, and about her birthday being tomorrow.  You all know what that means, right? 



  1. I think they are great, especially the different size eyes. She will love them. Happy Birthday to Drew!!

  2. These are way creative! The things we do four our kids! If you don't get a huge hug you better cancel the party.


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