Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ready to move on

If you have young kids you've heard people say to you, "Oh, it goes by so quickly.  Before you know it they'll be moving out."  If you have not-so-young kids you may have even said those words to another mom.  In fact, I just said to my friend Becky (who has the cutest 16 month old ever) that I miss that age so much.  And I DO.  But...  I feel like maybe for the first time in 7 years and 8 days that I'm in a place of "let's move on". 

I'm one who grieves birthdays because it means the kids are a year older.  I curse milestones because it means they are growing up.  I think finally I'm good, though.  I'm good with all of this stuff.  Lauren will be three in just a couple weeks.  I'll then have a 3, 5, and 7 year old.  I cherish all the days more than I bitch about them (believe that?  It's true!).  But I'm ready to move on with the stage we're in and am ready to get into the next one.  And the next one.  And then the next one.  Since I've discovered after years of wishing to go back that it's not going to happen, let's get to enjoying this one and moving on to the next one.

Maybe it's because this is the fighting stage.  Maybe it's because this is the "she has more than I do" stage.  Maybe it's because this is the "we have to get home for naptime" stage.  Maybe it's because this is the "I want this for dinner, wait! No, I don't want to eat this" stage.  I don't know.  Whatever it is, it's kinda nice not being so desperate turn back the clock or keep things the same.  Let's keep it movin'...

No matter what the phase, this will always be me.  Only instead of reading a magazine I'm likely trying to avoid laundry by doing something else or trying to nap.  

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