Wednesday, February 15, 2012

~ What the Hell Wednesday ~

Soooo, this may not be suitable for work.  Or for your kids to see.  There's your warning.

This is... weird.  That's my opinion, obviously, but I think this is crazy, ridiculously weird.  There is no need on this earth for any kind of product like this.  Either you wear nothing or you have a little string tan line on each of your boney little hips.  This is just... weird.  AmIright? 

In case you aren't in the know, this is called a C-string.  Its purpose is so women can avoid tan lines and panty lines.  Really?  Why wear anything at all?  Honestly having a wire-like string thing in your behind seems like a horrible alternative to wearing nothing at all.

What the Hell?  Right?

Thanks to Natalia for passing this along to me!

^  The website, not a c-string.


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