Friday, January 13, 2012

Proudly wearing my suit of armor

This may not be safe for work.  And it's certainly not posted in any inapporpriate kind of way.  I'm posting it because I think the differences are striking.

As a non-skinny person, I'm kinda tired of seeing clothes on size 2 people that are then supposed to look well on me.  And I get that the majority of people don't want to see a big fat girl modeling clothes, honestly I'm not sure I do, either.  It's not what we've ever known or been taught to be attractive.  We want to see attractive, realistic or not. 

This is a picture of a runway model whose BMI meets the criteria for anorexic.  The other is a model (plus-size) who is a size 12. 

Look at the arms.  Look at the hips.  Look at the thighs.

I could Zumba from now until Christmas without stopping and never look like that chick on the left and I'm kinda tired of images insinuating that I should.

Plus, I've carried 3 kids, nursed 3 kids, and carried 3 kids in my arms from Feb. 2005 until present day.  If I didn't have my suit of armor (as I lovingly call it) I wouldn't be the strong, cozy mom I am for my kids.  I wouldn't trade that for anything.

I'll be back to blog again on Monday.  Right now I'm off.  To eat a sandwich.

Happy Friday, friends.

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