Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you share your password?

Does your husband/wife/partner know the passwords to your accounts?  Not just banking and Amazon but to facebook and email?  How do you feel about this subject?  Should they have access to the more private things or is there no reason for privacy like that in a serious relationship or marriage?

Chris doesn't know the passwords to mine because he doesn't care.  He'd rather "smash his gonads with a wooden mallet" than spend 10 seconds on facebook.  He isn't one who is interested in connecting with others via social media outlets and I believe he thinks I'm crazy because I do.  If he asked, however, I'd give him all my passwords without hesitation.  The only thing that would bother me is that he felt a need to do so.  If he asked or bothered to check on my things it would be because something was amiss and that's obviously a bigger issue than reading my email.  I know all of his passwords because his accounts are personal and business related.  I've never one time looked.  Again, if I felt the need to check something much bigger would need to be addressed than being sure I had a password correct.

My life is such an open book - hello, blog! - that I'm surprised I haven't given YOU my passwords.  Or maybe it's just that with true love and respect there is an understood honesty and loyalty that goes without saying.  And no, after 17 years I am not naive.  I just know that our online lives are not check-worthy.  If he wanted to hear about the kids fighting, me being tired, all the unfolded clean laundry around the house, or how I don't cook he'd just come home and look around.  He doesn't need to read it in text, too.



  1. Cory is now demanding that I hand over all of my passwords, so thanks for that one. I have nothing to hide, so although I'd hand them over, I'd be pissed if he actually looked through something. I'm a detective, and I don't need passwords to get dirt...I can usually figure it out myself. I just like knowing that I have some kind of privacy. Sharing your password is doable, but it's kind of like showering with the door open.

  2. I'm in agreement with you. No password sharing because there is not a need. If there was a need to know passwords it would be because of an issue. If there is something to hide from a spouse then thats huge. I would never ask, or check if I had access, because there is trust. He would never ask for the same reason. Very interesting topic though, cant wait to hear what others have to say.

  3. Jay generally knows the variations I have for all my passwords. He has a list of all his which are numerous. I don't think I would even bother to look at any of his accounts. I don't have a reason to and I'm just not a nosy person.

  4. Is this really a topic?come on.

    1. What do you mean "is this really a topic?"? If this blog is about running a family and keeping it all together, in this day and age computers and the online alternate lives they create have become another facet of family whether we like it or not. This topic is as valid as what brand diapers she uses, the manner of discipline her and her husband apply, etc.

  5. Yes, this is really a topic. And if you read Ashley's blog, which apparently you do, you know that many of her posts are about "topics" that we all experience everyday. Ashley brings an incredible sense of humor to things that makes some of the rest of us feel normal. She is an educated woman, a wonderful mom, and a supportive wife, and I happen to think that this post had quite a bit of substance. I enjoy reading her posts, and this one gave me a chance to think about how I felt about the issue. If you read her blog and you came back, you obviously enjoy reading it. And if you don't enjoy reading it, then do what millions of elementary students do and "use nice words or nothing at all." Come on.

    And at least use your name, anonymous.

    Non-anonymously, Kristen, the next soon-to-be Peters


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