Friday, January 13, 2012

Trauma with teeth

Front teeth.  Sometimes they fall out on their own.  Other times, like in Drew's case, it just hangs there.  For weeks.  And honestly, that's kind of gross. 

Last night it was time for action.  She was super excited to put floss around it and pull it out.  We sat and watched YouTube clips of kids who had a snaggle tooth just like she did and how they pulled it out.  She was excited.  BUT, once Chris got the slip knot on it and there was no other way that floss was coming off except with the tooth, she lost her shit.  For about 30 minutes straight.  Here is part of it:

Long story short, about 25 minutes after this, after dragging that floss around the house, Chris convinced her if he tugged once it would come out and it'd be over.  We also told her that when I tooth has to be pulled and doesn't just fall out on its own that the tooth fairy leaves a little some'in some'in.  She sat on the stairs, he sat a few stairs lower and he tugged once and it was over.  She cried and laughed and cried and laughed. 

The Tooth Fairy left her usual 4 sparkly quarters - which Drew thinks are SO special - and for all the trauma that was caused by the 5 foot floss and the tears the Tooth Fairy left a sparkly half dollar, too.  

And, as she pointed out this morning, it takes her less time to brush her teeth now because she has less teeth! Like 10 seconds less. Whatever brings a smile to that pretty face...

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