Friday, August 24, 2012

Instagram? InstaGENIUS.

Do you Instagram?  Or have Instagram?  (I'm not quite sure if it's a verb yet.)  Anyway, chances are if you have a smartphone you do.  If you don't (mom), Instagram is a photo app that allows one to alter, apply a filter, and/or share one's photo.  Or, as I said to Chris when he asked what it was, it's a genius program that makes us moms who snap quick pics of our kids on our phones look like damn good photographers.  In fact, I think I may add my definition to Wiki because it's the most accurate.

The instagram app looks like this

I'll post a few of my instagram photos with the before photos as well.  You will then agree with my definition, I think.  Also!  If you wanna follow me on mine, I'm firewife511. 

Before, Little Miss swimming in a plain ol' pool

After, giving the illusion that she's practically in the Carribbean

Chris's office before.  Not only is he a Lt. in the fire department but he is also the founder, president, and head instructor at LifeSaver CPR.  *braggy braggy*

After with the dramatic blur...

Before.  Sorry to totally gross you out but this has been my week PLUS I thought the bubble at the end was amazing.

After, I made it a bit softer to be a bit less gross before sharing with a few select friends who I knew would appreciate this yesterday.

Before.  Drew fell asleep on William's floor one night and this is how I found them.  My reaction?  STFU.

After, just as sweet.

Before, taken when we were on vacation.  My friend, Kristin, and I take pics and send them if we have something to say but can say it in pics.  This was me telling her that I got sunburned.

After, trying to make it look notsobad while bringing out my freckles

Before, Uncle Brandon with Lauren and a beer can

After, minus the redneck prop

See?  Now I've disclosed my secrets.  I am really a shitty photographer with some good help.  Thank you, Instagram, for making my memories more dramatic, colorful, and romantic than they really were.


  1. That snot one is freakin' awesome. And I love the vision of my head of you going,"Oh, poor baby. Um, hold still while I take a photo of that.*snap*"

  2. I think Lauren won the Best Snot of All Time award. I mean there are TWO streams forming a single bubble. Amazing! She'll love you more for having captured that.


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