Thursday, April 12, 2012

A system to eliminate *some* of the fighting

The kids fight over the time of day and I'm not kidding.  To elimate the fighting over who gets to help me, who has to help me, who gets to push the carriage at Costco, who gets to let Holly in or out, who gets to take a bath alone that night, etc., I've come up with a system.

It used to be, pre-Lauren, that Drew had even days and William had odd days.  Now that Lauren is old enough to be in the mix I had to change it. 

Now it goes in order of birth throughout the week.  Monday - Drew, Tuesday - William, Wednesday - Lauren then repeat.  Thursday - Drew, Friday - William, Saturday - Lauren.  Sunday - Mommy's choice.  On Sundays I can choose someone who has shown a lot of kindness or willingness to help throughout the week or if I'm pissy and don't want kids in the mix I can do everything myself.  It works out really really well.  You hear a lot of, "It's MY day!  I get to push!" and then it's the end of discussion.  It's pretty awesome.

A bonus that I've added is that on your day you get to have a piece of gum.  GUM!  As far as each of my kids is concerned GUM is the best thing ever invented.  They just can't wait for their day.

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  1. My kids also have days. It doesn't stop all the fighting but...hey, you can't argue that it isn't your turn if it isn't your day. Skyler has yet to notice the 31st/1st odd/odd day situation and she is odds. I can't remember if this works in her favor or not as we use days to determine who does which chores. Meh. Someday someone will get thoughtful and say "Heeey, there are two odds in a row...". I'm guessing it won't happen until she's big enough to sit in the front seat which, at this rate, won't be until she's 20.


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