Saturday, April 28, 2012

Detox = CPS

Not gonna lie.  I'm a little scared.  On Monday I'm starting a 4-week boot camp slash fitness program slash nutritional program.  I'm worried about the sugar detox and the caffeine detox part.  Honestly, that has kept me from even thinking about the fitness part.  I'm pretty sure I'm 90% toxic, 10% caffeine.  It's gonna be Withdrawl City this week I'm afraid.  I've never detoxed from anything before and I'm worried for the safety of my children.

I may keep you posted on how this goes.  With 100% commitment to the fitness and the nutrition, it's inevitable that results will follow.  Obviously I need to do about 12 boot camps to be where I want to be but you have to start somewhere, right?  Results means progress.  I'm confident I'll see them.  I'm not confident, however, that my children will survive the next 28 days unscathed.  Pray for them. 


  1. I've taken boot camp and it's amazing how much stronger you feel after a 12-week session. Good luck!

  2. Cherry, by 12 boot camps I meant 12 4-week sessions! If only I could be where I wanted to be after just 12 classes!

  3. Oh heavens, I will pray for those around you. You can call and yell at me just 'cause if you want to. When I did a sugar detox, I substituted with caffeine-free iced tea and it wasn't so bad. Good luck!

  4. I need to sugar detox but I'm scared.


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