Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mommy is good

While sitting at the dinner table tonight I mentioned to Drew that we were going to review a math paper she brought home today where she'd missed far too many.  William said, "I saw that.  I can do those in my head so fast."  I said, "Stop that, we all have certain things we're really good at.  Drew is an amazing reader and you are amazing at mental math.  We don't put others down for the things they don't do as well as we may do them.  We are all good at our own special things."  William said, "Like Lauren is really good at talking.  And daddy is really good at fixing things.  And you're good at... well... you're good at..." then Drew said, "Well, mommy is good at taking us places."  William concurred.  He chimed in and added, "And she's probably the best at cleaning the kitchen!"

Chris thought it was HIL-ARIOUS.  Me, notsomuch.  I don't wanna be known for those things.  Chris added that I am really good at writing but I'm pretty sure it was just to save his own ass because I'm sure my expression was one of not being all that happy with the way the conversation was going.

Now my biggest fear is that something tragic happens to me and my kids most prominent and lasting memory of their mom is that I was really good at dishes and taking them places.  Good Lord.  Just don't let that be put on my tombstone.  PLEASE. 

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  1. Remember the tombstone we saw on Authors' Hill in Concord? You wanted the same thing on yours which is far more appropriate: "She made her house a happy home."


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