Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm up everyday now at 5am with a little girl whose internal clock is whack.  I am eating dinner tonight at 9pm for the 4th night in a row because it's the first time all day I get to actually SIT.  I am still reading the same book I started 4 months ago.  4 MONTHS.  I am behind 3 weeks in all my Real Housewives shows.  I am buried by laundry.  And apparently I've caught the attention of Mr. Sore Throat who has been flirting with me for quite a few days and comes and goes but when he comes he's aggressive.

Can a sister just get a minute?  Just a minute?  The bad part about not feeling overwhelmed very often is that when it hits - it hits. 

Do you feel me?


  1. OMG I feel you and that picture up there is exactly me except I swipe them onto the floor. Oh the laundry. How do four people create so much laundry? It's everywhere but in drawers and closets.

    I love this post!


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