Sunday, November 6, 2011

My vibe. Hmmm...

Do you ever wonder what people think about you?  Even if you for realz don't care, do you still wonder maybe what vibe you give off?

Obviously I put it all out there with this blog.  There are only a few topics which I've never written about and never will.  I've discussed my crazy hormonal imbalance after I had Lauren (and still?), the sadness of losing one of my favorite people on the planet, how inept I am at cooking and nearly everything else that stay-at-home-moms traditionally do, the struggle in choosing a school for our kids, my mom's cancer, and giving up my career and much of myself to take on this mom gig, just to name a few.  I give anyone who reads my blog an opportunity to form an opinion about me or to judge me.  I for realz don't care but I do wonder what kind of vibe I give off.

How 'bout you?  Is it something you ever think about?


  1. Not until recently. I think I give off a "I'm friendly but don't expect emotional involvement" vibe. What do you think your vibe is?

  2. Cherry, I think I may give off a friendly, confident, judgemental vibe. Hate the judgemental part but I think it's how people feel sometimes because I have such strong feelings about how things should be. I don't know.


  3. I think about it too often it seems lately. What's my vibe? Go easy on me though, i'm sensitive ;)

  4. Wes and I were just talking about this a couple weeks ago. I think you are right on about the vibe you send.
    As for the judgmental part, I think I often unintentionally give off the same vibe. I like the way my mom defends me though & says, "It's not so much judgmental as it is she hold people to high standards, the same high standards she holds herself to." Sounds better. Right, mom?

  5. You, Ms. Ashley have never given me the judgmental vibe. You give me the "I'm real" vibe. I like what "The Hunnicutts" said above :).

    And as for what vibe I give out, I do think about it and care about it more than I probably should.


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