Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The experienced voices are louder

7 years ago I would have said there were so many things wrong with this picture.  You shouldn't be on the floor, we're not buying that book, the floor is dirty, you're in the way, you're being rude, people will look, where do you think you are?, who do you think you are?, you're in the way, and most importantly, people will look!

Now, 7 years later, I still say those things in my head but they aren't as loud as the voices that are saying that she's not bugging me, she's not asking for something, she's not fighting with her brother and sister, she's not throwing a fit, she's not hanging on me, she's not currently in anyone's way and anyone who looks and is judgey can bite me.

Funny how time changes things.


  1. lol! I feel the same way. omgosh this picture is just so perfect! haha!
    I'm one of those shoppers the cashiers hate.. I go by the childrens book section at a store and have the kids look at a book while I hurry up and get my shopping done. We TRY to put them away but sometimes have to hand them to the cashier and let them know we aren't buying them. The dirty look I get usually is worth the 15 minutes of peace while they are entertained :)

  2. Your perspective changes so much as you get to the other side of the trenches.

    I'm currently on the beginning side of the pre-teen trench and I am scaaaaarrrred.

  3. This is so true. I'm only 3 and 3/4 years into this and I can justify most anything that would've been appalling when I wasn't a mother.

  4. Also, I have a friend who isn't a mother yet and I can read her like a book when my kids aren't acting perfectly. I just think "oh, you'll see how things will change!!".

    P.S. She is also the kind of person who says "My child wouldn't..." and "I'll just teach my kids NOT to..." HAHAHAHA! I'm just holding those nuggets in my brain till it actually happens. I may be more than happy to say I told you so.

  5. P.P.S. Said friend knows better than to say those things to ME but when other kids in public do things she doesn't approve of, she's not shy to pipe in.


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