Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Still here! With a change of heart and a couple shares...

Oh, how quickly things change.  My last post was a little less than a month ago and I was feeling like I was breaking up with The Old House and was having tremendous guilt about moving.  We're now in The New House, we're pretty much settled, and I'm all like, "Old House Who?"  I drive over to The Old House to get the mail every other day or so and as I drive away I'm kind of like, "PEACE OUT!"  It's weird and unsettling that I could have a change of heart so quickly.  I'm taking that as a sign that it just means this move was absolutely the right thing for us.

My new kitchen probably has NOTHING to do with my change of heart.


You know my dysfunctional relationship with laundry.  I know many of you have the same relationship with your own.  I tried to create a new system in The New House (new house! new beginnings! new routines!) and that lasted about a week.  I have found these, which I love, and although it doesn't fold and put the clothes away for me, it sure makes the mounds and piles of clean laundry that lay around for days smell just a little bit better.

I'm not a big fan of the purple one, but I love the other two.


Drew and I have hair like a llama.  It's thick and tangles and may look pretty on the surface in the morning but it takes a great deal of shoulder strength to get through the underneath.  I have forever cared for my hair so that this doesn't happen but Drew is in her hair care infancy.  I'm trying my best to teach her how to care for the curse of thick hair.  Fighting over brushing it in the morning is a horrible way to start the day, lemme tell you.  This product is MAGIC.  It has restored our mornings and my relationship with Drew and I am not kidding.  If you or your daughter has thick hair, buy it.  You can thank me here.


It's good to be back and talking to you.  Thanks for still checking in. 

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  1. I'm so glad to see that you are alive and well! I seriously pictured the 5 of you in a UHaul, traveling to the new house, and being sucked up by aliens! Congrats on the new house. Keep us posted, we missed you!


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