Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wanna get serious, but just can't do it today

I have a couple topics I wanted to write about for this next blog but I'm just not feeling in the thinking mood.  The main thing I want to write about/explore/process/get feedback about is how to ensure I'm raising grateful children.  That topic today, however, is WAY beyond what my brain is capable of.  Today I don't care if they are grateful or ungrateful, dressed or naked, fed or hungry.  I just want them quiet.  QWIIII EEETTTT.

Our Christmas was lovely.  We had mom, Chris's parents, and Chris's brother visit with us for the last few days and now that the house is empty, the sick little children are sleeping, and I've bought a million dollar new charger for my laptop, it's time to get pictures onto the computer (and my blog) and then return the million dollar charger to Best Buy where I bought it a few hours ago and buy a cheaper one online.  Savvy consumer am I, no?

You're lucky you can't catch germs through the computer because if you could, you would all get an ear infection, strep throat, the flu, pink eye, and probably even William's asthma just through the next set of pictures.  No more blabbering.  Here is our Christmas in pictures.

We wrote Santa a letter a few days before and had Hello deliver it to him.  If you don't know who Hello is, click here.

William, Daddy, and Uncle Cory.  Can you say - scholarship?!

Grandma (Chris's mom) and the kids making Santa's house.  Thanks Auntie Amy and Uncle Brandon!

Nana (my mom) and William making cookies for Santa.  I reminded William that Santa likes LOTS of frosting. Lots.

The kids and I were just checking to see where Santa was... 

This would be a.m. - the beginning of stockings

Yeah for stockings!  Next year Santa won't fill them so full.  Too many things led to complete disinterest by the end.

Nothing like getting a gift that says, "Here, when you fall and bleed, you can use me!"

William was excited to go up and wish Lauren a Merry 1st Christmas.

See the sick eyes?  She's still a pretty little package, doncha think?

IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!  William opened the present Drew had chosen for William (Batman fruit snacks from Raley's) and he LOVED them.  And her.  In that moment.

Santa knew that this little 9 month old is ready to walk, she just needs a tiny bit of help.  Here she's getting it from her Uncle Cory and from Mr. Lion.

Brothers playing Wii.  Thanks, Bill and Ellen - a great gift!

Drew wrote some of the cards on the presents.  Here are grandma and grandpa's.

Nana with sweet Lauren

I hope you had a lovely Christmas as well and that your memories and traditions will stay strong.  Thanks to our parents for respecting our own new family traditions and being patient while we had a little time alone in the morning with our children. 


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