Monday, March 25, 2013

Are you a good wife?

Are you a good wife? 

What does that even mean in your family or to your husband?

Dinner made when he gets home?  Well-behaved children?  Beds made every morning?  Sex 3 times a week?  All of his family's birthdays are remembered and acknowledged?  You make the most bomb banana bread from scratch for Sunday morning breakfasts?

I know what being a good wife means to Chris and it is something I strive for.  That's not a submissive thing, I think it's honorable.  I want to make him happy.  That doesn't mean that he doesn't have to try and meet my needs and make me happy, I'm talking about me.  I enjoy trying to be a good wife.  The definition and the role changes off and on and I can read that pretty well at this point.  It's a constant work in progress kind of thing.  My desire isn't Bible based and I don't walk around kissing the ground he walks on.  I just want to treat him the way I'd like to be treated and to create a loving home.  Plus I loooooooove him.  It comes naturally. 

I also hope to teach my girls what it means to always keep trying to be a good wife.  I hope they look back when they are married, or even when they are considering marriage, and recognize how I loved their dad endlessly.  It's ok to put him in his place, snatch him back into reality, soothe his ego, make his meals, tell him to put his God damned socks in the laundry basket, and laugh together a lot.  It also means compromise which can sometimes be the hardest to do.  Especially if you are a 5'11" blonde stubborn chick.   

No matter what being a good wife means to you and your husband my guess is that it starts with respect and ends with laughing together.  All the middle stuff is up to you and you can choose to work on it as much as you want. 

Should we discuss what makes a good husband next?  Blogger may not have enough room...

 have fun,
and keep working hard to compromise.


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