Friday, January 4, 2013

Don't call it a comback...

Hello, there!  'Member me?  It's been 91 days since I've blogged last.  In 3 years of blogging I've never taken a break longer than a few days and when I wrote my last post I didn't know it would be my last for a while.  Life just kind of...took over.  I've blogged about it more than any other topic but it's no joke - these 3 kids and their fighting has been all-consuming.  By the time I had any free or quiet time it was 8:00pm and it was all I could do to tidy up and get to bed.  Sitting down to blog was no longer an option.  I was in a constant state of exhaustion.  And bitchiness.

Since the last time I blogged a few big things have happened.  I turned 37, I had surgery, and we bought a new house.  Those are big, right?!  All of that kind of had me a bit busy, too, I guess.  37 is whatever, the surgery went well, and the house is awaiting new carpet and within 2 weeks we'll likely be in completely.  It's been a whirlwind few months and I'm ready to sit on the couch in my new house, bark out orders to the kids, and sigh a sigh of relief that it's all calming down some. 

Although I haven't written here, I've written in my head every night when I lay down.  Now I'm back to being ready to share it with you.  Hope you're still here to read it. 

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  1. Tell us more about your new house! Will the kids be closer? Did they choose their own paint colors? Are you buying anything new to fit all that space?


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