Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quick thinking and I saved my own ass

I get my hair done once every 10-12 weeks or so.  Mother Nature isn't so kind as to give me the blonde locks I used to have or that my children have.  My pregnancies jacked up my hair as much as my body.  Anyway, once every 3 months or so I go and sit and chat endlessly with my girl while she spends 3 hours or more making me blonde and giving my hair a bit more shape.  Pretty simple.

EXCEPT.  Chris is a guy to the Nth degree and doesn't understand WHY it takes so long and WHY I have to do it so often and WHY it costs so much and WHY I think I look different when I come home when in fact, according to him, it looks exactly as it does as when I left.  "You don't have to understand it, you just have to respect it."  Done with explanation.  BUT, here's the tricky part.  It costs $160 total for this youth restoration process.  I knew a few years ago he'd shit a brick if he knew that it cost so much so I paid $100 in cash and put $60 on the debit.  He couldn't believe that it cost $60 to get my hair done.  *snort*.  Right?  I'm not going to say he's an idiot because he's my husband and I respect him completely but... c'mon.  So, I've never let up and everytime I go I give her $100 bill and my card is run for $60.  The girls at the place get a kick out of it still.

Here's the thing.  Chris has a girl who has pulled some strings for him for his business and he knows she lives in town and thought this salon would be a good place to get a gift card as a thank you.  He told me when I went today to pick up a gift card for, "Oh, what's yours cost, Ashley?  $60?"  Shit.  She may be able to get a bottle of shampoo or something but that's it. 

Ends up I "forgot" to get it and will another day - when I can bring cash back to do it so there is no record of the real amount.


You like my 60 dollah 'do?


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