Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm gonna pahk my cah in Hahvahd Yahd. For realz.

Today Drew and I leave for our 2nd annual DrewMommy trip to Boston.  We are going earlier in the summer than usual because my cousin is graduating and we're going to see her ceremony.  Did I mention she's graduating from Harvard?  She is.  This is actually her third degree and our third trip back east to see her receive her degree.  I consider myself as smart as the average bear but for my self esteem I'm calling it quits on going to East coast smart schools to see my family members continue to get smarter.  Anyway, I'm glad Drew will get to experience this and see the life that Jennie has been leading.

Chris is going to hold down the fort here at home with the other two while Drew and I are gone.  I have this fantasy that Lauren will wet the bed at 3am and he won't be able to find the sheets.  I dream that William will get grass stains on his pants at school and Chris will fumble in the laundry room trying to figure out what to do with that.  I notsosecretly hope that the fridge will become bare and he'll have to take the two grocery shopping and it'll be a melt down disaster day for both kids.  But, the truth is, none of that will happen.  The reason?  Chris is awesome.  He's capable.  He's confident.  He's 100% daddy and he's got this.  It upsets me a little.  I want him to NOT got this so that he'll marvel over the job I do everyday.  Oh, well. I'll just appreciate the fact that he is here pouring juice and giving baths and doing laundry while I'm... not.

If you are at all interested, I will likely update a bit on Peters Party of 5 facebook while we're on our trip.  Cape Cod, Harvard, Fenway Park, oh, my!

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